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We started on June 13, 2018 and our 12 sessions will go through 9/5/2018. 

When you register you will also get access to the recordings of the previous sessions.

Check out our STEM VIP Mentor page and see the bios of the amazing mentors who are contributing to this program!

(We might start a new set of session in the foreseeable future - register and let us know about your interest).


The STEM Graduate School System: 4 Issues Cause Major Pitfalls

#1 The system offers a limited understanding of career choices

#2 Systematic goal setting and follow-through is often absent

#3 Students get little guidance on professional networking

#4 Nontraditional role models are rare which limits your possibilities

Top 5 Reasons STEM VIP Will Change Your Life for The Better

#1 Discover how many career and life choices you truly have

#2 Explore the amazing careers and lives of other STEM professionals

#3 Graduate faster and make money sooner

#4 Beat 99%+ of your peers in achieving just about anything you want

#5 Meet a variety of role models and learn from them


STEM VIP Participant Registration

It is FREE to Participate!

This program was inspired in large part by the founder's participation in the Leadership and Self-Expression Program (SELP) offered by Landmark International.