Have Questions?

On this page we are doing our best to answer frequently asked questions. If you are not seeing the answer  to this question please contact us with your question. Thanks!

  • Is there any cost associated with this program?

    No, there is not. All the contributors do so on a voluntary basis because they want to give back to the younger generation and make a difference.

  • Am I obligated to a future program or anything else by participating in this program?


  • I cannot attend every time, Does this mean I cannot particpate in the STEM VIP program?

    No, you may still participate. However, we encourage you to treat this program with the same importance as if you had paid the kind of money for it that such a program would ordinarily cost; say, at least $1,000. We ask that you make a concerted effort to come to every session you possible can make it to - because YOU will gain much more from the program if you do.

  • I am not yet sure whether I want to participate because I haven't seen a list of the names and credentials of the mentors.

    Most likely we will post information about the mentors shortly. Rest assured, we are picking powerful people. People who have a lot to give to you and furthermore, people who are willing to CONTRIBUTE to YOU at no charge.  We will span careers in all realms:

    • Academic (major research universities, colleges, research academic institutions),
    • Business (Large, medium, small, start-up)
    • Government (various agencies)
    • Starting your own business
    • Professionals who are not STEM graduates themselves but who are working or have worked with plenty of STEM professionals
    • A recruiter or someone quite familiar with hiring
  • Beyond the STEM VIP Mentors sharing career and life experiences, are there other aspects we will get in the STEM VIP program?

    Yes. In the beginning, Dr. Stephie Althouse, the founder and visionary for STEM VIP, will teach the participants how to set a specific goal. The goal might be tailored  to be achievable over the duration of the 12 weeks of the program. 
    You will learn how to reverse engineer the goal, break it into steps, schedule it and break it into steps.

    Participation in this aspect (or any other ) is voluntary - yet, we recommend it highly because it is an important life skill that allows you to win in life way faster than most of your peers, regardless whether we are looking at career or general life goals.

    Additionally, we will discuss effective methods for networking, both online and offline. The reason is that networking is another skill area that frequently receives little attention during graduate school and postdoctoral appointments - even though having this skill is a huge factor in creating success.

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