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To make this even better we have a few questions for you

Thank you for registering for STEM Vision Into Possibilities (STEM V.I.P.).
To make this even better for you we would like to know a little more about your interests.
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STEM V.I.P. Participant Questions

STEM VIP Participant Questionaire

  • Please tell us what you are studying (or in the case of a postdoc what your degree is in). E,g., chemistry, physics, engineering (which kind?), math, etc. Feel free to include what sub discipline you are specializing in, such as analytical chemistry, ...
  • STEM V.I.P. will give you access to mentors across a spectrum of professionals who are working in academia, business (large, medium, small, start-up), government or who have started their own businesses. That said, which category/ies are you most curious about? Mark all that apply. You can add a comment under "other".
  • Please write down some questions you have for the STEM VIP Mentors. The more we know about what you would like to learn more about the better we can design the program for you. THANKS!
  • Please think of a goal you have for the summer. For example, it could be a specific research goal, a goal around completing a proposal, a chapter of your dissertation, etc. We will support you in achieving this goal during the STEM VIP program. 🙂
  • To make sure we know what is most useful for you in STEM VIP and what could be done to improve it, we need your feedback. Are you willing to answer 1-2 brief surveys; one at the end and possibly one near the middle of the program, please? Your input is critical for the success (and the potential future existence) of this program.